Elan-line 4 liter urn goldflake

The Elan-line is inspired by the Elements from nature: Earth, water, air and fire.

The 4 elements translate the passion “the fire” of the forces of nature. The Elan-line represents a collection of urns with mainly round shapes and are available in various color combinations.
The Elan-line is a unique collection of urns made with inspiration.

Unique in our collection is this 4 liter Urn. The sperical Urn has a color combination of red shades with a soft pearly shine. On the inside of the Urn there is an ash container where all the cremation ash can be kept. This Urn is closed by means of a self-adhesive closing plate. The Urn is not transparent, so the cremation ash is not visible. The Elan-line 4 liter Urn is also available in the colors blue and  ivory. This beautiful Urn is more than a memorial, it is a true work of art. All 4 liter Urns are handmade out of crystal glass. That makes every Urn unique and special. This color Goldflake is only available in 4 liter.

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20 cm


4 ltr, 1,5ltr, 0,5ltr