Spirit krakele blue

Spirit symbolizes The soul.

This beautiful keepsake urne has a beautiful blue color on the inside. The outside of the urn is partly finished with matted crystal glass and has a playful black crackle motif. This keepsake urn is a true jewel in remembrance of your loved one. This keepsake urn belongs to the Premium line and is characterized by its fine finish. On the inside there is a small ash container where a part of the cremation ash can be stored. The ash container is closed by means of a self-adhesive closing plate. The keepsake urn is transparent, so a part of the cremation ash is visible. All urns are handmade out of crystal glass. That makes every urn unique and special. The ratio of color combinations can therefore  be slightly different from the photo.


Artikel nummer





19 cm


70 ml

360°, Premium a-line