The making of

Our ash-memorial ornaments are more than just a memento and fit into any interior. The collection gives a sense of connection and authenticity. All ash-memorials ornaments are made by hand. That makes every ornament unique, after all, “Every person is unique”.


We offer a wide choice in various models, colors and sizes. Our range consists of 4 different collections of hand-made urns and ornaments made of crystal glass:: Memorie-line, Premium a-line, Stardust-line en de Elan-line.

Sand, lime en soda…

Glass consists of sand, lime and soda. These raw materials are mixed and heated in a glass melting furnace to a temperature of 1300 degrees. Liquid glass is created by heating.

Craftsmanship, experience and patience

Depending on the size of the glass ornament, the glass blower will remove the glass from the oven several times with this blowpipe. Every time the glass blower plunges the blowpipe into the hot glass mass, a layer of glass is added. The glass blower can blow air into the glass through the blowpipe. This allows the glass blower to form the ornament to his liking. During this process, the glass ornament must not be held still. The blow pipe with the hot glass attached to it must constantly rotate to prevent the glass object from sagging.

Blowing techniques, experience and the right tools

To achieve the right shape, the glass blower uses not only blowing techniques, but also special tools. When the glass blower has finished blowing and shaping, it is very important that the glass ornament is slowly cooled in the cooling furnace. In this way it is possible to create the most beautiful ash-memorial ornaments.

True glass art, handmade

In collaboration with a few glass artists from different countries, the most beautiful ash-memorial ornaments are created. The most beautiful pieces of art are created that are not immediately recognizable as an urn or ash-memorial ornament.